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Full Moon March 9, 2020

Round and round and round we go.  Where it stops is the timeless eternal truth of what we are.  At the risk of sounding like a broken
record:  “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.  No time to say hello goodbye I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.”  What can I say?  
The time is now!  Perhaps now is the time to escape the rut of our self-imposed imprisonment of our separate egoic self?   
“Holy crap on a cracker.”  The sky is falling pandemically.  “It’s good though.”  It could be “moose turd pie”.  Will we use this as
fertilizer for spiritual growth?  Relax, release, surrender and remember we are spiritual light beings having a human experience.  Are
we ready to surrender our judgments,  grievances, condemnations, aversions, expectations and self conceptualizations of how others,
the world and our self should be?  Do we want to be free in unity, in the unity of the light of love?  Unity is here for all to see, but not
for “I” or “Me”.  
Here we go again (“where ever you go there you are”) Full Moon Madness, insanity or the illumination of enlightenment?  We are
free to see.  With Full Moon’s the light of our source, of love, of conscious awareness, is sh-own on our shadow of selfishness, the
fear of egoic thought forms, the illusion of separation.  Acknowledge, forgive, accept and release that which no longer serves our well
being.  The light is come!  “When fears are exposed there is a possibility of healing.”  Love shines fear away.  Are we willing to open
our heart and allow the light of love to flow through us?  
We have a Full Moon in Virgo opposing a Sun/Neptune conjunction is Pisces.  Virgo may express as critical, analytical, the
reductionistic rationalism of the positionality of duality reality.  Virgo may also express as the willingness to do the work of cleansing
and healing our emotions (Moon) so we can be of service to our Self.  Oh Baby!  Pisces and Neptune can express as our self
undoing, dissociation, the deception, illusion and delusion of the desire to be what we are not.   Pisces and Neptune can also be the
portal to intuitive re-cog-nition of the perfection of our procreator as our Self.  Will let it go at that.

This months Full Moon, March 9, 2020 at 1:48 pm EDT falls on the Virgo/Pisces axis with the Sun conjuncting Neptune at 19 Pisces
and the Moon opposing at 19 Virgo 37.  This is the axis of healing, health, diet, changing or establishing good health habits.  This
strong Moon in Virgo is trining transit Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn in Capricorn and brings up issues with healers, doctors, and health
care.  Could bring a challenge to change our health care programs trying to bring order out of chaos and fear.  Worry, criticism,
blaming others is the negative side of this Virgo Moon.  The choice for the opposing Pisces energy brings forgiveness, understanding,
tolerance, non-judgmental thinking into any defeatist attitudes we encounter.  Surrender, trust and a desire for inner peace pulls us
into a more quiet time and rituals for spiritual purification.  The focus is clearly on the energy of the planets bunched up in Capricorn
as a defense against total transformation, with Mars the fastest moving transit planet in its exaltation in Capricorn, triggering
conjunctions (new cycles, new beginnings) as it moves forward to hitting the rest, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.  I did try to delineate
these conjunctions, (new beginnings, new cycles) individually, seeing how at a very basic level the systems in place are undergoing
transformation.  First the conjunction of Mars to Jupiter takes place on March 19 the day of the Equinox (the astrological beginning
of the new year).  This aspect tends toward many opportunities to take risks to get things done quickly and can be very
confrontational for most of us.  Try not to over commit yourself during this aspects energy as we take on more than we can handle,
which will probably bring up choices that can be assertive or extremely aggressive behavior.  The next conjunction is to Pluto (March
22) which brings a very high energy output to purge or purify.   The urge to change things, to eliminate and purify. Efforts to unite, to
transform, to share power and territory. Intense cleaning and purification. Convincing, or being convinced of something through
propaganda.  Then Mars will conjunct Saturn on March 29 through April 4.  This is the beginning of rebuilding, anything or any
projects that require harnessed or controlled focus of power.  There may be an awareness of a need to control or the suppression of
anger or hostility and resistance.  Also within these Mars conjunctions are the conjunctions of Jupiter (the next fastest moving planet)
to Pluto, a thirteen year cycle of transformation with new beginnings in government, systems, banking, finance.  And on to Saturn
conjunct Jupiter (a 19/20 year cycle) within the orb of this stelliumn this energy could bring a promise of new beginnings that renew
and rebuild the systems that they are transforming.  
On a personal level everyone has these aspects somewhere in their charts and change will be inevitable, resistance to this flow. of
what may seem like chaos at first, is just making room for higher consciousness to expand and create a better flow in that area of
your life.  Where you come to realize through the events and situations of your life what you are challenged to transform or purify.  
Try not to resist, but enjoy the ride.  
The Virgo Moon pushes us to first get healthy change your diet, change your daily routine, change your mind and thoughts.  Next the
conjunction of Sun/Neptune in Pisces brings opportunities and choices to move into a higher consciousness through forgiveness (the
reflection of divine love in duality).  As much as possible connect to nature within and without and the quiet center of yourself.  
Remember what you see with the bodies eyes is the projection of your consciousness within.   
The Sabian Symbol below is taken from a book by Diana E. Roche, Sabian Symbols: The Screen of Prophecy.
VIRGO 20 An automobile caravan.
THEME: Group Adventure. This symbol speaks to man’s ability to broaden his horizons and find ways to make things easier for
himself, and to his cleverness in motivating others by selling them on golden opportunity ideas and creating expectations of high
reward. The image of an automobile caravan implies mobilization or forward movement, and it alludes to team effort, a spirit of
adventure and a willingness to endure hardship to reach a common goal. It also suggests the concept of safety in numbers. Positive:
At its highest, this symbol represents a special gift for enriching and enhancing the potential of any experience and for making every
group project an unforgettable and memorable adventure.  Negative: Discontent and wanderlust, or an inability to sit still in one place
for long.
During this Full Moon Cycle the accent is on mobilization and adventure. This could be the day you finally decide to start things
rolling or get moving on some new project.  Your greatest advantage lies in involving others in your game plan. Encourage them to be
part of the process. Look for ways to make difficult tasks enjoyable.  Guard against letting yourself drift aimlessly. Don’t lose your
opportunity by refusing to make commitments. The path of least resistance can be a slippery slope to loss of self-respect or outright
KEYWORDS: Progress, mobilization, travel, journey, migration, excursion, adventure, safety in numbers, group activity, following
the leader, gypsies.
PISCES 20 A table set for an evening meal.  
THEME: Indulgence. This symbol speaks to abundance, and to the fact that everything an individual needs is readily available in the
world about him if he will only recognize it. The image of a table set for an evening meal suggests nurturance and caretaking. It also
alludes to the fact that man is free to accept or reject whatever life offers him; however, it is usually the case that an individual will not
move to claim anything for his own until he recognizes the value or potential usefulness of a thing to himself. On a practical level, this
degree symbolizes prosperity and gift giving with no strings attached.  Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents a special
sensitivity to the needs of others and a sincere desire to be of service. Negative: Inability to recognize the needs of others or witless
optimism and a refusal to face reality.
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on being provided for. You may discover that things appear today just when you need
them.  Your greatest advantage lies in anticipating what others will need. Be observant. As you give, so shall you receive. Be
generous.  Guard against taking unfair advantage of others’ kindness. Don’t forget to say thank you or express your appreciation
when someone does you a favor or goes out of their way to make your life more comfortable.
KEYWORDS: Abundance, nurturing, caretaking, sensitivity, service, aid, assistance, prosperity, comfort, ease, solace, contentment,
gratification, fulfillment, pleasure, satisfaction.

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Yeah Baaa-Beee!  The cosmic connection!  The light is come (the seed of inspiration, in-spirit-a-tion) to the divine mother of
creation (the Moon) which embodies the consciousness of the light of love as a reflection of the spiritual sacredness of our source
(the Sun/Son); illumination and enlightenment.  The holy trinity; father, son, and holy spirit as one loving presence.  If that’s not what
we want, we can choose the unholy trinity of sin, guilt, and fear.  How do we feel Full Moon madness?  As lunacy or love?  “Love or
stories.  Take your pick.”  Pick your take.  Stories or love.  
TOB!  Who let Pandora out of the box?  We have the tumultuous, transformational, tribulations of a T-square with the tri-in-fecta of
a tsunami of the ignorance, insanity, and incompetence of a politicized pandemic along with an economic and moral crisis.  Where’s
Noah when we need him?  Polly want a cracker?  We have a human crisis that symbolizes and man-I-fests as a sick system of
separation.  How is the body politic?  Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?  How do we get there from here?  Perhaps we can
drop the “t” and be here now.  Who said, “You can’t go home again”?  Are we happy now?  And how?  T(here) is always the
dimensao espiritual.  Who said, you can’t get there from here?  Oh Baby!  Where have you been all my life?  Could it be here and
now?  Can we choose peace and joy instead of pain and suffering?  Is there a need to get into the who, what, when, why, and w
(here) of t(here)?  Forgive and you will see t(here) differently.  In-joy the journey.  
With the Sun in Leo the lionhearted, perhaps we may “answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you believe.”  
Illumination and enlightenment are oxytocin for the soul.  Born again.  Born free.  “Thank god almighty we are free at last.”  True
freedom is freedom from the egoic selfishness of our small self.  “They’ve really got to jump all over that.”  We shall over-come, oy
There is a Full Moon August 3, 2020 at 11:59 am EDT.  Full Moons occur at the opposition of the Moon to the Sun bringing light to
new choices.  This can be a chaotic time of change and transformation.  This Full Moon has the Moon at 11 Aquarius 45, the energy
of new trends and unconventional outcomes that are good for everyone.  Aquarius brings in unexpected surprises and inflexible
opinions.  The opposing energy of the Sun at 11 Leo 45 brings out the individual expression of self-confidence through taking risks
for excitement.  Mixed in this Full Moon energy, Uranus squares both the Moon and Sun from 10 Tarsus 38.  Uranus being the ruler
of Aquarius might challenge any or all that choose extreme methods to make a point and end up fulfilling their need for attention and
adulation.   Uranus is turning retrograde on August 15 at 11 Tarsus until January 4, 2020 this energy in Tarsus brings financial
difficulties and money problems.  We might try out new ideas or innovative ways of dealing with our fears of financial insecurity.  
Challenging us to come back to our source within and follow that voice for your hearts desire your bliss.  New ways of using our
creative voice and doing our creative work by joining with others in close communities to help each other with the job at hand.  
Transformation is taking place at every level now and as this energy sweeps across our minds and we joins at that level of
consciousness to bring in the unanimity of peaceful change.  
Mercury at 27 Cancer opposes the big triple conjunction of Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter with Mars at 19 Aries squaring this stelliumn.  
Argument and verbal bashing could lead to opening old wounds for healing.  Venus is conjunct the North Node in Gemini, as a new
ideal of feminine energy takes center stage and makes herself known through the media and into the public consciousness.  
Mars will be the trigger for conflict and disruption on the first of it’s squares to Jupiter August 4/5.  And then again on August
13/14.   As Mars squares Pluto, this may allow some negative extreme playing out of lower human consciousness that is difficult to
The Sabian Symbol below is taken from a book by Diana E. Roche, Sabian Symbols: The Screen of Prophecy.

AQUARIUS 11 Man téte-a-téte with his inspiration.
THEME: The Cosmic Connection. This symbol speaks to spiritual guidance, vision and inner communion with the higher self. The
image of man téte-a-téte with his inspiration describes a creative interlude from outer activities and relationships, and a turning instead
to a private
enjoyment of mental and emotional stimulation. The emphasis in this symbol is on the need to serve the self’s best interests by putting
ideas to work in the practical and everyday world. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents intuition, imagination, and cosmic
overshadowing.  Negative: Complete self—involvement or a tendency to live in a dream world.
During the next 14 days of the Full Moon the accent is on enthusiasm and excitement. Ideas you get today could encourage you to
try something new and inspiring.  Your greatest advantage lies in scheduling yourself a break from work and responsibilities. Spend
some quiet time alone and let your imagination flow where it may.  Guard against escaping into a fantasy world every time things get
rough or difficult. Don’t lose touch with reality.
KEYWORDS: Bliss, joy, delirium, delight, euphoria, elation, excitement, exaltation,  exhilaration, devotion, elation, rapture,
jubilation, vision, enthusiasm, idealism, happiness, enchantment.
LEO 11 Children on a swing in a huge oak tree.
THEME: Background as Sustainment. This symbol speaks to the satisfaction experienced by the individual who is able to live his life
as he wishes. It also speaks to the physical and social support that sustains him while he does this. The 1931 mimeograph version of
children on a swing in a huge oak tree expanded the meaning of this image by adding that the activity was taking place in the rising
heat of the noonday sun and that the shelter of the tree “provided the real contribution of background to growth.” The image of
children on a swing in a huge oak tree thus emphasizes facilitation and assistance. The implication is that but for the shade of the tree
and its swing, the play would have ceased. The oak tree is an archetypal symbol of knowledge, and its pairing with a children’s swing
suggests that learning can be fun. The tree in this image also symbolizes the overshadowing of universal life, and the inference is that
as each individual accepts this universal overshadowing, his personal understanding of his place in the overall scheme of things is
heightened and enhanced. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents enthusiasm, boundless energy, and an eagerness to
experience all of life. Negative:  Misguided pride in taking life easy and avoiding commitments.
During the Full Moon Cycle the accent is on enjoyment. The rhythm is lighter, happier and carefree. The universe supports you when
you make every effort to act responsibly.  Your greatest advantage lies in being yourself. Establish your own unique rhythms and
faithfully maintain them. Know when to advance and when to retreat.  Guard against taking pride in your ability to get out of work or
commitments. Don’t expect others to pick you up every time you fall.  Stand on your own two feet.
KEYWORDS:  Play, fun, recreation, diversion, delight, enthusiasm, enjoyment,  amusement, entertainment, happiness, pleasure,
protection, exercise, rhythm, learning, background as facilitation to growth.  

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Love, life, light
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