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Correction.  “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.  No time to say hello good-bye.  I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.”  There
never seems to be enough time until we re-member the eternal timelessness of unity consciousness, of the spiritual dimensao.  
And how!  How does it get any better than that?  
New Moons symbolize the first coming into the womb of creation.  Full Moons symbolize the second coming into the clarity of
conscious awareness, the re-cog-nition of the Holy Spirit as the light of love, our sacred source and Self.  Our holiness is our
salvation.  With Full Moons we are free to choose the insanity of separation, the dark shadow of egoic selfishness or the
illumination of inspiration, the enlightenment of our source.  
We have a Full Moon in Leo opposing the Sun in Aquarius.  Leo is I will to create.  Leo may express anywhere from a
cowardly lion as an aggressively abusive authoritarian to a courageous, loving, heart centered authentic Self.  Aquarius is I in-tu-
it inspiration.  Aquarius will readily go down the rabbit hole while Leo goes down the yellow brick road.  Both may arrive at the
same place as they awaken to an awareness of their own true Self that they were all along.  
Pluto is still conjunct Saturn in Capricorn.  This symbolizes the transformation of the power of the system.  The system tends to
serve the system.  Privilege tends to protect privilege.  “Off with their heads”.  Rabbit stew?  Who would have thunk that Mitt
might become the republic’s “a man for all seasons”?    Duh, do you think?  There we go thinking again.  Thinking tends to flow
through monkey mind assisting accomplishment in the positionality of duality reality.  Being flows through the heart of the soul,
being its Self.  Do we really want to go there?  “Forgive them for they know not what they do”.  
We also have the turbulent tribulations of a T-square with the Venus/Chiron conjunction in Aries squaring the Nodal opposition
along the Cancer/Capricorn (Security/Insecurity) axis.  Oh Baby!  The South Node in Capricorn is dealing with karmic control
issues while the North Node in Cancer is the destiny of divine love.  It’s all “good”.  Every “thing” is an opportunity to heal.  Me
Too?  In-joy the soul journey.  Have a little fun with it.  Have at it.  
On Friday February 9, 2020 there is a Full Moon with the Moon at 20 Leo opposing the Sun at 20 Aquarius, this presents as
opposing energies offering a choice from either extreme.  Leo is the energy of youth, creativity, celebration and play/fun.  Time
for creative projects, artistic expression with total subjective involvement and passion.  Leo is self-confidence and a powerful
individual self expression through leadership, resoluteness and concentrated focus for accomplishment.  The negative side of Leo
is being overly dramatic, self-centered and prideful.  The Aquarius energies bring humanitarian attitudes of inclusiveness, seeking
outcomes that are good for everyone and operating from a larger worldview.   Aquarius energy brings new trends and
unconventional approaches, innovative ideas, unexpected results, excitement and surprises.  The negative side of Aquarian
energy is erratic or shocking behavior, fear of getting involved and a cold aloofness or inflexible opinions.  
This Full Moon Chart set for 2:33 am EST, February 9, 2020 has very few aspects.  Mercury did entered it’s shadow on
February2 at 28 Aquarius and will turn retrograde on February16th going back to 12 Pisces.  Time to back up your computers
and take time away from the screens for personal connections to your subconscious thoughts and feelings.  A time for retreat,
forgiveness and healing.  Spend time in nature connecting to the thoughts of peace and joy that are generated with these periods
of stillness.  Find the source of beliefs within yourself that creates what you see and experience in the outside world.  Watch
your thoughts and emotions behind them.  
Mars at 25 Sagittarius is trine the Moon in Leo setting up a powerful fire trine for inspiration and connection to the highest ideals
and beliefs we stand up for and support in the choices we make in our lives and live by them.
The Sabian Symbol below is taken from a book by Diana E. Roche, Sabian Symbols: The Screen of Prophecy.
LEO 20 The Zuni sun worshipers.
THEME: Respect for Tradition.  This symbol speaks to self-strengthening, faithfulness to higher source and the preservation of
those values that have stood the test of time, even as new ones are forming. The image of the Zuni sun worshipers depicts an
ancient ritual of homage, or paying respect to authority, designed to assure the continuing approval of personal or community
activities. The emphasis in this degree is on loyalty. The implication here is that the individual who decides to break completely
with established custom or tradition will soon find himself outside of the group. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents
self-confidence and certainty as the result of a full and complete understanding of the illimitability of resource to be found in both
situation and background. Negative: Ritualistic behavior or obsession with the appearance of things.
The Full Moon Cycle emphasizes the accent on loyalty. Respect for tradition and ceremonies that celebrate important values of
society are emphasized today.  Your greatest advantage lies in following established customs and procedures. Honor the source
of your sustainment.  Guard against losing touch with or failing to understand the underlying meaning of things. Try not to judge
by appearance or take
things too literally.
KEYWORDS: Ritual, ceremony, rite, natural forces, strength, loyalty, faithfulness, allegiance, homage, respect, tradition,
custom, assurance, sustainment, protection.

AQUARIUS 20 A big white dove, a message bearer.
THEME: The Hidden Messages in All Things. This symbol speaks to higher wisdom and inspiration. The image of a big white
dove, a message bearer, speaks to the symbolic or hidden messages in things that will always be found by those who have the
faith that they will be there. The dove is a symbol of peace, hope, divinity and spiritual guidance. The emphasis in this degree is
on keeping a positive attitude and learning to trust intuitive perceptions; Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents
sensitivity and discernment, or a special gift for knowing the right time to act and the right thing to do. Negative: Holier-than—
thou attitude or a tendency to be a know—it—all who refuses to admit error, even to the self.  
This Full Moon the accent is on certainty. The emphasis today is on recognizing a higher power than yourself. You may receive
a message that eases your mind or reassures you.  Your greatest advantage lies in listening with the ears of your heart. Keep a
positive outlook and pay attention to things going on
around you. The information or answer you need may come from an unexpected source.  Guard against being myopic, or
deluding yourself with the idea that there is only one way to solve a problem. Avoid cosmic dissonance.
KEYWORDS: Faith, assurance, inspiration, divine favor, help, holy spirit, hope, spiritual guidance, enlightenment, wisdom,
certainty, peace.

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