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Does it feel as if God is giving us the finger?  Or could s(he) be showing us the way to the kingdom of heaven?  And who is
going to inherit the earth?  
The backdrop is Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) squaring the Nodal axis of karma and destiny with the resulting tumultuous trials
and tribulations of a chaotic t-square.  We also have the ongoing square of Saturn (the insanity of the system) to Uranus (higher
mind, higher consciousness).  I need a miracle ev-re-y now!  Thankfully, Uranus is also trining the Moon and sextiling the
Venus/Sun conjunction.  
New Moons are the union of the Sun and Moon, the conception of unity consciousness.  Full Moons are the man-I-festation
into form, the birth, rebirth of the conceptualization of Unity consciousness.  Life is a reflection of light.  
With Full Moons a light is being sh-own on the pain and suffering of our emotional attachments to our egoic sense of self, of
separation.  Let’s not forget our failure to forgive our sense of guilt and sin {Self Inflicted Nonsense, (ideologies, self-
conceptualizations, judgements, grievances, and expectations and on and on)}.  Ha ha the analytical Virgo wants perfection
from the positionality of duality reality.  Good luck with that.  Another aspect of Virgo is the willingness to do the work to heal
ourselves so that we can be of service to all that is our Self.  The “lower” octave of Pisces is the self-undoing, the secret
sorrows of feelings of victimization.  The “higher” octave is the compassion of completion, love, peace, joy, inspiration (in-spirit-
ation), wholeness, oneness, “a felt oneness of being” all that is unity consciousness, nirvana.  Oh Baby!  Born again!  Its
wholeness is it’s holiness.  
There is a Full Moon on February 27, 2021 at 3:17 am EST.  It is on the Virgo/Pisces axis, with the Moon at 8 Virgo 57 in
opposition to the Sun at 8 Pisces 57.  Full Moons tend to be a bit emotional and bring to attention choices that can be difficult.  
The emphasis of Virgo/Pisces is healing, wellness and trusting in a higher power.  This Full Moon has Venus at 2 Pisces
conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon, strengthening this healing axis.  The Moon is also making two inconjunct aspects to
Saturn and Chiron, (with Chiron sextiling Saturn), this configuration is called a Yod, or finger of God.  We are stimulating some
healing vagaries in our lives for the next fourteen days.  
Personal safety and health are major concerns as Virgo attempts to establish good health and work routines to bring order out
of chaos.  We need to ease up on our desire for perfection and be willing to adapt to practical conscious helpfulness.  Daily
activities need to be flexible now.  
As Saturn is also still within orb of an ongoing square to Uranus at 8 Taurus,  we may feel forced to finally accept what is and
go with the flow of major vicissitudes in our lives as changes take place.  This aspect is ongoing and will return with the
retrograde motion of these two planets in June and December.   
We also have a very strong Mars at 27 Taurus trining Pluto at 26 Capricorn which brings a high energy output into efforts that
unite us in ideals and ethics that will bring spiritual healing, trust, surrender and forgiveness.  Letting go of judgmental thinking
and acknowledging oneness, as Neptune is still square the Nodal Axis and Jupiter conjunct Mercury is trine the north node and
sextile the south node.  This is a perfect time to take a good look at our daily habits and see where we can spend time searching
for the desire for inner peace through quiet time in meditation and spiritual purification.  
The Sabian Symbol interpretations below are from Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy, by Diana E. Roche.

VIRGO 9 A man making a futurist drawing. KEYWORD: Experiment
THEME: Personal Distinction. This symbol speaks to personal distinctiveness, and to the fact that any genuine expression of
individuality must be both original and unique. It also highlights the aesthetic or artistic side of life. The image of a man making a
futurist drawing alludes to the difficulties that may be experienced by the individual who doesn’t conform to the group’s idea of
what is acceptable or “normal” behavior—or who may indeed be odd, bizarre or eccentric. The danger for any person who
attempts to carve out or establish a special niche for himself in the world is that he runs the risk of becoming so extreme or
outrageous in his actions as to repulse or embarrass his fellows. Ultimately, he may find himself rejected and outside the group.
The emphasis here is on developing a creative style that will stimulate others to discover and express their own uniqueness.
Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents imaginative genius and a continuing expansion of awareness.  Negative:
Befuddlement or an inability to communicate ideas appropriately and effectively.
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on the unusual. Things may seem a bit offbeat or strange and you might feel like you
are trying to swim upstream against the flow of the river. Resistance to conformity and doing your own thing right now could
upset others who like things comfortably predictable.  Your greatest advantage lies in expressing yourself creatively. Break the
ice and do something different. Others may be waiting for just such an opportunity to follow suit.  Guard against offending
community values and standards. Avoid mix ups and mishaps by taking time to get organized. Find the correct balance between
going too far and restraining yourself completely.  
KEYWORDS:  Originality, uniqueness, imagination, creativity, vision, expression, revelation, prophecy, experimentation, talent,
skill, artistry, aesthetics, abstraction, individualism, distinctiveness, symbolism.

PISCES 9 A jockey. KEYWORD: Practice
THEME: Going for Broke. This symbol speaks to the requirement that an individual throw himself into life, hone his skills and
talents, and make every effort his best one if he wishes to stand in the winner’s circle. The image of a jockey emphasizes
competition and maneuvering for position or advantage. The implication here is that the individual who sloughs off, or fails to
give life his best shot, will lose out in the long run. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents persistence, tenacity and a
remarkable  gift for coming from behind to win the games of life. Negative: Foolish risk—taking and a love of gambling.  
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on competition and skill in being able to maneuver yourself into the best position to
get what you want.  Your greatest advantage lies in practicing what you would like to be good at. Be willing to sacrifice
immediate pleasure for long term gain.  Guard against being over-confident or trusting your luck to bring you success. Do not
take things for granted or exhaust your resources before they can be replaced.
KEYWORDS: Competition, contest, match, rivalry, race, game, skill, maneuvering,  coordination, orchestration, dexterity,
agility, equilibrium, litheness, lightness, smallness, gambling.
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