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Full Moon March 9, 2020

Round and round and round we go.  Where it stops is the timeless eternal truth of what we are.  At the risk of sounding like a broken
record:  “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.  No time to say hello goodbye I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.”  What can I say?  
The time is now!  Perhaps now is the time to escape the rut of our self-imposed imprisonment of our separate egoic self?   
“Holy crap on a cracker.”  The sky is falling pandemically.  “It’s good though.”  It could be “moose turd pie”.  Will we use this as
fertilizer for spiritual growth?  Relax, release, surrender and remember we are spiritual light beings having a human experience.  Are
we ready to surrender our judgments,  grievances, condemnations, aversions, expectations and self conceptualizations of how others,
the world and our self should be?  Do we want to be free in unity, in the unity of the light of love?  Unity is here for all to see, but not
for “I” or “Me”.  
Here we go again (“where ever you go there you are”) Full Moon Madness, insanity or the illumination of enlightenment?  We are
free to see.  With Full Moon’s the light of our source, of love, of conscious awareness, is sh-own on our shadow of selfishness, the
fear of egoic thought forms, the illusion of separation.  Acknowledge, forgive, accept and release that which no longer serves our well
being.  The light is come!  “When fears are exposed there is a possibility of healing.”  Love shines fear away.  Are we willing to open
our heart and allow the light of love to flow through us?  
We have a Full Moon in Virgo opposing a Sun/Neptune conjunction is Pisces.  Virgo may express as critical, analytical, the
reductionistic rationalism of the positionality of duality reality.  Virgo may also express as the willingness to do the work of cleansing
and healing our emotions (Moon) so we can be of service to our Self.  Oh Baby!  Pisces and Neptune can express as our self
undoing, dissociation, the deception, illusion and delusion of the desire to be what we are not.   Pisces and Neptune can also be the
portal to intuitive re-cog-nition of the perfection of our procreator as our Self.  Will let it go at that.

This months Full Moon, March 9, 2020 at 1:48 pm EDT falls on the Virgo/Pisces axis with the Sun conjuncting Neptune at 19 Pisces
and the Moon opposing at 19 Virgo 37.  This is the axis of healing, health, diet, changing or establishing good health habits.  This
strong Moon in Virgo is trining transit Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn in Capricorn and brings up issues with healers, doctors, and health
care.  Could bring a challenge to change our health care programs trying to bring order out of chaos and fear.  Worry, criticism,
blaming others is the negative side of this Virgo Moon.  The choice for the opposing Pisces energy brings forgiveness, understanding,
tolerance, non-judgmental thinking into any defeatist attitudes we encounter.  Surrender, trust and a desire for inner peace pulls us
into a more quiet time and rituals for spiritual purification.  The focus is clearly on the energy of the planets bunched up in Capricorn
as a defense against total transformation, with Mars the fastest moving transit planet in its exaltation in Capricorn, triggering
conjunctions (new cycles, new beginnings) as it moves forward to hitting the rest, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.  I did try to delineate
these conjunctions, (new beginnings, new cycles) individually, seeing how at a very basic level the systems in place are undergoing
transformation.  First the conjunction of Mars to Jupiter takes place on March 19 the day of the Equinox (the astrological beginning
of the new year).  This aspect tends toward many opportunities to take risks to get things done quickly and can be very
confrontational for most of us.  Try not to over commit yourself during this aspects energy as we take on more than we can handle,
which will probably bring up choices that can be assertive or extremely aggressive behavior.  The next conjunction is to Pluto (March
22) which brings a very high energy output to purge or purify.   The urge to change things, to eliminate and purify. Efforts to unite, to
transform, to share power and territory. Intense cleaning and purification. Convincing, or being convinced of something through
propaganda.  Then Mars will conjunct Saturn on March 29 through April 4.  This is the beginning of rebuilding, anything or any
projects that require harnessed or controlled focus of power.  There may be an awareness of a need to control or the suppression of
anger or hostility and resistance.  Also within these Mars conjunctions are the conjunctions of Jupiter (the next fastest moving planet)
to Pluto, a thirteen year cycle of transformation with new beginnings in government, systems, banking, finance.  And on to Saturn
conjunct Jupiter (a 19/20 year cycle) within the orb of this stelliumn this energy could bring a promise of new beginnings that renew
and rebuild the systems that they are transforming.  
On a personal level everyone has these aspects somewhere in their charts and change will be inevitable, resistance to this flow. of
what may seem like chaos at first, is just making room for higher consciousness to expand and create a better flow in that area of
your life.  Where you come to realize through the events and situations of your life what you are challenged to transform or purify.  
Try not to resist, but enjoy the ride.  
The Virgo Moon pushes us to first get healthy change your diet, change your daily routine, change your mind and thoughts.  Next the
conjunction of Sun/Neptune in Pisces brings opportunities and choices to move into a higher consciousness through forgiveness (the
reflection of divine love in duality).  As much as possible connect to nature within and without and the quiet center of yourself.  
Remember what you see with the bodies eyes is the projection of your consciousness within.   
The Sabian Symbol below is taken from a book by Diana E. Roche, Sabian Symbols: The Screen of Prophecy.
VIRGO 20 An automobile caravan.
THEME: Group Adventure. This symbol speaks to man’s ability to broaden his horizons and find ways to make things easier for
himself, and to his cleverness in motivating others by selling them on golden opportunity ideas and creating expectations of high
reward. The image of an automobile caravan implies mobilization or forward movement, and it alludes to team effort, a spirit of
adventure and a willingness to endure hardship to reach a common goal. It also suggests the concept of safety in numbers. Positive:
At its highest, this symbol represents a special gift for enriching and enhancing the potential of any experience and for making every
group project an unforgettable and memorable adventure.  Negative: Discontent and wanderlust, or an inability to sit still in one place
for long.
During this Full Moon Cycle the accent is on mobilization and adventure. This could be the day you finally decide to start things
rolling or get moving on some new project.  Your greatest advantage lies in involving others in your game plan. Encourage them to be
part of the process. Look for ways to make difficult tasks enjoyable.  Guard against letting yourself drift aimlessly. Don’t lose your
opportunity by refusing to make commitments. The path of least resistance can be a slippery slope to loss of self-respect or outright
KEYWORDS: Progress, mobilization, travel, journey, migration, excursion, adventure, safety in numbers, group activity, following
the leader, gypsies.
PISCES 20 A table set for an evening meal.  
THEME: Indulgence. This symbol speaks to abundance, and to the fact that everything an individual needs is readily available in the
world about him if he will only recognize it. The image of a table set for an evening meal suggests nurturance and caretaking. It also
alludes to the fact that man is free to accept or reject whatever life offers him; however, it is usually the case that an individual will not
move to claim anything for his own until he recognizes the value or potential usefulness of a thing to himself. On a practical level, this
degree symbolizes prosperity and gift giving with no strings attached.  Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents a special
sensitivity to the needs of others and a sincere desire to be of service. Negative: Inability to recognize the needs of others or witless
optimism and a refusal to face reality.
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on being provided for. You may discover that things appear today just when you need
them.  Your greatest advantage lies in anticipating what others will need. Be observant. As you give, so shall you receive. Be
generous.  Guard against taking unfair advantage of others’ kindness. Don’t forget to say thank you or express your appreciation
when someone does you a favor or goes out of their way to make your life more comfortable.
KEYWORDS: Abundance, nurturing, caretaking, sensitivity, service, aid, assistance, prosperity, comfort, ease, solace, contentment,
gratification, fulfillment, pleasure, satisfaction.

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Full Moon Eclipse 9 Gemini/Sagittarius

Has the shadow of the suffering, of the small, separate, selfish self crept into us?  Are we feeling creeped out?  Enough with the s-
es?  There’s also sex, shame, sadness, sorrow and sin (Self Inflicted Nonsense).  Could go on and on but that might be te-dious.  
With Neptune squaring the nodal axis we have the turbulent, tumultuous, trials and tribulations of a T-square with the fate of a karmic
future in the balance.  Not to men-tion the opportunity of Mercury sextiling the Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn!  
Enough with the non-sense?  The light is come!  Oh Baby!  
We have the shadow of a Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini.  Eclipses obscure the light.  Is insanity the rule of the day?  Does it certainly
seem that way?  Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the men-ta-tion of the messenger of the gods.  Will we experience the insanity of Full
Moon madness or the illumination of enlightenment or both?  
The Sun is in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius symbolizes the archer galloping after ideologies, religion, and philosophy in the search for the
Truth beyond the surface of “things”.  Sin means to miss the mark, the eye of truth.  Do we re-cog-nize the bull?  Are we a reflection
of an idea in the mind of spirit, of creation?  Will the light of truth shine away our fear?  Are we comfortable in the clarity of the calm
stillness at the heart of truth?  Are we ready and willing to open our heart, allowing the light of love to flow through us as an extension
of the sacredness of spirit?  Open ses-a-me.  Oh the in-sights of inspiration (in-spirit-a-tion).  Blessed be the eternity of unity
consciousness.  We will know the Truth and the Truth will set us free.  

There is a Full Moon Eclipse November 30, 2020 at 4:30 am EST that falls on the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius.  The Moon is at 8
Gemini 38.  Full Moon energy always brings choices from one extreme to the other. With the mental energy emphasis on
communication, transportation, travel, awareness of options and calming mental anxiety opposing a quest for truth, legal issues,
overcoming excesses, self-righteousness, frankness, and honesty. This Full Moon has very few aspects.  Neptune at 18 Pisces is
squaring the north and south nodes at 19 degrees of  Gemini/Sagittarius.  The challenges to truth and reality are becoming blatantly
clearer and clearer. Neptune is the confusion and muddiness of a cognitive state of mind needing clarity and truth; cutting through the
quagmire of illusions to the clear-cut lucid mind of reality.  This awakening may cause many fears to come to the surface as we feel
more and more forced to live with the reality of now.  Choices for duality reality vs unity and oneness reality are challenging us to
look at the ideals we hold that defend against the reality of oneness and love.  The choice for cooperation versus competition changes
our actions toward what we see happening and the judgements we make that informs our reality.  
Mercury at 27 Scorpio 46 is sextile Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn’s last degrees.  This brings up in everyone a deep need to look
honestly and deeply into letting go of the old ways the structure of the societal systems that are collapsing and where we can begin to
rebuild with higher ideals and collaboration that includes all.  Venus at 11 Scorpio is opposing Uranus at 8  Taurus and is strong
female energy daring to step up to leadership with new values.  

GEMINI 9 A quiver filled with arrows. KEYWORD: Preparation
THEME: Survival. This symbol speaks to a sensitivity to personal opportunity, initiative, and an individual’s ability to know what it is
that he wants or needs and go after it. The image of a quiver filled with arrows refers to the tools and skills needed for hunting and it
alludes to the self-discipline, training and ambition required to accomplish objectives.  Implicit in this degree is an emphasis on the
right of every person to have what he needs in order to survive and make his contribution to the society in which he lives. Positive: At
its highest, this symbol represents
readiness and high competency in meeting the challenges of life.  Negative: Criticism and fault-finding or unusual quirks and
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on hitting your target or achieving your goal.  Your greatest advantage lies in being
properly prepared before you set out to accomplish your objective. Check everything out and make sure it works before you begin.  
Guard against offending someone or hurting their feelings by being too critical. Watch your tongue. Others could be especially
KEYWORDS: Objectives, goals, hunting, pursuit, quest, preparation, readiness, skills, ambition.

SAGITTARIUS 9 A mother with her children on stairs. KEYWORD: Education
THEME: The Teacher. This symbol speaks to training, guidance, nurturance, and the development of a social conscience. The image
of a mother with her children on stairs dramatizes the process of education through the use of inspiration, encouragement, and keen
sensitivity to what is needed in order to help each individual or group grow to independence and full maturity. Here is a call to higher
service that demands genuine caring, the ability to lead by example and the capacity to distinguish the difference between what is
being demanded and what
is actually needed in any particular situation. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents a natural talent for finding effective
solutions to unique problems and for helping others become self-sufficient. Negative: Immature and childish behavior or a refusal to
grow up and accept personal responsibility.
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on giving assistance. Activities today are likely to
center on encouraging and teaching others to do for themselves in the future while, at the same time, helping them with their
immediate needs.  Your greatest advantage lies in being patient with those who are learning. Be willing to give a little of your time and
effort to work with your fellows who are struggling in unfamiliar situations.  Guard against doing everything for others or trying to
prevent them from suffering though a learning period. Don’t be an enabler for those who don’t wish to take responsibility for
KEYWORDS: Supervision, guardianship, assistance, guidance, watchfulness, vigilance, care, protection, education, training,
instruction, encouragement, inspiration.

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Total Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020

Here comes the “golden threads of light” to heal us.  The light is come.  Grandmother spider is weaving the shimmering tapestry of
the web of life.  We have a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse conjunct the Galactic center and the South Node in Sagittarius.  The
Galactic center is a super massive black hole which symbolizes Shiva and the womb of creation.  Both new moons and solar
eclipses symbolize new beginnings which implies letting go of and forgiving the past.  We forgive our beliefs, concepts, ideologies,
judgments and expectations which we project onto others and the world so that we may release them.  This creates an opening, a
still quiet space for a vision of unity consciousness.  The sword of forgiveness cuts karma quickest.  
New moons are the conjunction, the union of the Sun (the light of love, the spirit of creation) with the Moon (the sacred womb of
creation into form).  Life matters.  The light is come.  Are we willing to suc-seed?  The seed of salvation, inspiration, the in-spirit-ta-
tion of creation.  Oh Baby!  Give it to me now!  
The New Moon is in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is symbolized as the Centaur Chiron, with the arrow of time seeking the heart of truth
(awakened awareness) in the timelessness of eternal truth.  Is our conception of truth a projection of our perception?  Are we
projecting our illusions of our perception of separation?  We tend to see what we want to see, what we are looking for.  Are we
aiming for truth or illusions?  Illusions are just that, illusions.  They are not true.  They are not real.  Only truth is true.  The
transformation, realization, of truth is in our mind, in the unity consciousness of the holy spirit.  
Christ-mas appears to be approaching.  Could it be here and now?  The miracle is the correction of atonement, at-one-ment.  May
we see and be our true Self in all that is or are we unconsciousness (not conscious of our Self) just playing its small egoic self out?  
Are we willing to follow the way, “the path of the heart”?  When our heart is open, being love, and we are being our true Self the
doing takes “care” of its-Self.  
There is a Total Solar eclipse December 14, 2020 at 23 Sagittarius 08.  The Moon is conjunct the Sun close to the Galactic center
that is at 26 Sagittarius, this is a black hole from which it is said that all is created in our Milky Way Galaxy.  It also includes a
conjunction of Mercury at 20 Sagittarius giving much emphasis to the mental or intellectual energies.  Sagittarius energy sparks the
quest for Truth and Justice through beliefs and ideologies. This energy turns our thoughts toward decerning the need in ourselves and
others for non-judgmental autonomy for all.  Holding a space for harmony and acceptance of all.  Sagittarius emphasizes the higher
abstract concepts that guide our daily intuitional consciousness.  There is a split in the mind that occurs when we become myopic
and dogmatic with our personal beliefs.  This creates an imbalance in everything and produces this world of duality.  There is a new
energy coming that will flood human consciousness and connects us to unity or oneness.  Through this transformation we will
become more and more aware of how connected we all are and how we need to find common ground to begin to heal this split.  
This begins with the mind, what we think and speak about becomes manifest quicker with this force of Sagittarius energy.  The
positive of this is that we become more aware of our conscience moral and ethical choices and how those choices effect everything
on this planet.
The Winter Solstice December 21, 2020 is a time of many shifts in human consciousness with the powerful Jupiter conjunct Saturn
at 0 Aquarius 26, ushering in a new era.  Aquarian energy brings in new trends and unconventional approaches that will seek
outcomes that are good for the whole of mankind and our planet.  We will become open to a larger perspective or view of how our
choices and decisions have an influence on all.  We may be in for some surprises and unexpected results because of shifts to open
mindedness and working together.  A knowingness that we must all work together for justice and freedom in building our future.  
And as we sweep away old systems of power and greed in our society and culture, we will want to replace them with the higher
consciousness of oneness.
The Sabian Symbol below is taken from a book by Diana E. Roche, Sabian Symbols: The Screen of Prophecy.
SAGITTARIUS 24 A bluebird standing at the door of the house.
KEYWORD: Fortune
THEME: Providence. This symbol speaks to the dangers of missing the rewards in experience by failing to recognize or pay
attention to them when they arrive. This degree also stresses the importance of possessing a proper sense of self-worth. Life tends
to give men what they believe
they have the right to receive. The image of a bluebird standing at the door of the house symbolizes happiness, good fortune and
luck. The emphasis here is on the need to stay alert and be ready to respond when opportunity knocks. On a practical level, this
translates to listening and
watching for propitious signs and signatures and recognizing fortuitous convergences. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents
a positive outlook and a remarkable sense of timing, or a natural gift for being in the right place at the right time to catch the falling
star or brass ring.
Negative: Easy distraction and difficulty in paying attention or blind dependence on luck.
During this New Moon Eclipse Cycle: The accent is on good fortune and prosperity. This could be your lucky day.  Your greatest
advantage lies in expecting the best. There are nor-accidents. Look for unusual convergences or things that come together in time
and space in significant ways.  Guard against missing your chance for happiness by telling yourself that you don’t deserve it or by
being too selective and picky.
KEYWORDS: Good luck, prosperity, good fortune, reward, good omen, happiness, opportunity knocking.
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New Moon January 13, 2021

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”  “Holy crap on a cracker!”  January 6th is three king’s
day, Epiphany, which doesn’t exclude the man-“i” -festation of an anti-christ.  Is it “good to be the king”?  Are we willing to
question every “thing”?  Are we still fighting a civil war?  Are things going south?  Has the rooster tried to fly the coup?  Is it an
inside job?  Duh!  Who could have seen that coming?  Round and round and round we go, giddy up Gettysburg.  Where was
the cavalry?  Will republic survive the republicans, the republicanes, the retrumplicanes?  Have the chickens come home to
roost?  Is it still up in the air?  Does it remain to be seen?  Does the system serve our well-being?  “Chicken soup for the soul”?  
Is ignorance contagiously inciting ignorance?  What are the politics of power?  If you lie often enough will people believe you?  
“Oh, what a terrible web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”  Has truth lost all meaning?  Is the system broken?  
What is the price of winning at all costs?  Are criminals pretending to be politicians?  Are authoritarian  seemingly supremist
sheriffs, district attorneys, and unrepresentative (of the constitution or truth) representatives to a psychopathic president
symptoms of a sick, suffering, soulless system of separation?  Or is this just “unconsciousness playing itself out”?  Or both?  Is
this lunacy?  Is enough enough?  When life seems uncertain do, we have dessert first?  There’s always “moose turd pie”.  “It’s
good though.”  Is it perfect but it stinks?  “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”  Their level of consciousness isn’t
evolved sufficiently for them to do “better”.  What does it profit to gain the world and lose y(our) soul?  
Oh, say can you see New Moon unity?  New Moons are the union of the Moon and Sun which symbolizes new beginnings,
being born again and the coming of Epiphany.  The light is come to the “illusion of separation” to the shadow of selfishness
whether or not we see it.  We tend to be addicted to the “things”, forms, sin (Self-Inflicted Nonsense), expectations, and the
insecurity of fears; otherwise we would express love, peace, and joy.  Shall we over come today?  May we come together as
one and get “it” done?  Do we want to heal?  Do we want the holiness of wholeness, oneness, unity?  Oh Baby!  Ye ha!  
Sounds like a new beginning to me.  May we see and be unity!  Relax, release, surrender, and re-member.
We have a New Moon January 13, 2021, and in a chart set in Washington, DC has the Moon conjunct Sun at 23 Capricorn
13.  Made even more powerful by a conjunction to Pluto at 24 Capricorn 35 and Saturn at 3 Aquarius 02.  Pluto is the planet
of transformation and will bring the events that push for change in our governing systems.  Capricorn energy is authorities,
tradition, fear of new approaches, systems in governance and society/culture.  This stellium is strong to bring awareness to what
is not working in our systems and transform or change them.  There is also a stelliumn in Aquarius with Saturn, Jupiter and
Mercury conjunct in this forward-thinking sign.  This energy seeks outcomes that are good for everyone, maybe challenging us
to broaden our scope to a larger view.  This is the energy of the freedom for individual rights versus the identification with the
rights of all.  It brings out shocking or erratic behaviors spurred on by inflexible opinions and myopic visions.  
The triggers for this action or violent energy are Mars at 3 Taurus conjunct Uranus 7 Taurus in hard fixed squares to both
stelliums, Capricorn and Aquarius and the planets therein.  On January 6th Mars came out of its retrograde shadow and entered
0 Taurus moving full speed ahead toward a conjunction with Uranus that will be perfect January 18 through 21.  On January
11th Mars will square Saturn which is an energy of conflict and strife.  On January 21st Mars will square Jupiter.  This aspect is
the further expansion of disputes and dissension.  
The most challenging aspects that are beginning now are ongoing through 2021.  Jupiter begins a square to Uranus with
Mercury conjunct Jupiter January 12 through 21.  Propaganda and diverse stories about what people saw or thought about
what is happening.  And Neptune is also squaring the Nodal Axis and might bring to truth many hidden lies and opening many
doors for truth to be told.  We will be talking about the Saturn square Uranus all this year as it is the most difficult ongoing
energy for change moving forward.  Three perfections of this aspect will take place this year the first is February 17 and again
retrograde June 14 to finish on December 24.
Three planets changed signs this last week.  Mars moved to 0 Taurus, Venus moved to 0 Capricorn and Mercury moved to 0
Aquarius.  Mercury will begin the first of three retrogrades this year on January30, 2021 through February 20.  Mercury will
enter the shadow of this retrograde on January 15 this will give us a chance to go back over our thoughts and musings of what
has taken place since December 21, 2020 the Winter Solstice.  Might be a breath of fresh air to pull back and really THINK
about the thoughts we think that create our outer reality.
The Sabian Symbol below is taken from a book by Diana E. Roche, Sabian Symbols: The Screen of Prophecy.  
CAPRICORN 24 A woman entering a convent. KEYWORD:  Consecration  
THEME: The Retreat. This symbol speaks to a stirring from within, and to the fact that individuals need challenge to move
themselves forward.  The image of a woman entering a convent symbolizes spiritual commitment, a search for meaning, and a
desire for union with the All. It also indicates a turning point in life. On a practical level, this degree can indicate an attempt to
gain release from stress, a desire for privacy, isolation, retreat or withdrawal from social activities. Positive: At its highest, this
symbol represents cosmic insight, devotion and dedication to spiritual principles. Negative: Psychological escapism or
The accent is on withdrawal and solitude. You may be feeling like you need to get away from it all and take some time to think
things over or get your life in order.  Your greatest advantage lies in learning when to slow down and take time for yourself.
Schedule regular quiet time for rest, meditation or contemplation and keep the appointment.  Guard against being afraid to meet
life  on its own terms or trying to avoid all conflict and struggle by running for cover at the first sign of trouble. Try not to live
your life sitting by the exit door.
KEYWORDS: Withdrawal, seclusion, retreat, escapism, privacy, isolation, turning point, dedication, commitment, devotion,
consecration, faithfulness, ordination, sanctification, responsibility.
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