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Holy sergeant peckhers lonely hearts club band!  Seen any yellow submarines lately?  All aboard the magical mystery tour of
all that is the unity of the light of love.  “Divine Harmony”?  The dimensao espiritual?  Compassionate completion, union,
wholeness, oneness, “a felt oneness of being”, love, peace, and enjoy.  T(here) is sun-sal-val-u-ation for all the yodas being
out t(here) now.  
Are we like mockingbirds pecking at our projections, the reflections of our beliefs, self-conceptualizations, expectations and
mentations, so that we can avoid seeing them in our separated sense of self?   Oh, what a mockery it is!  Narcissistic peckery
perhaps?  Polly want a cracker?  What is it that we want?  Are we willing to do the work to heal ourselves (implied Virgo)?  
Are we willing to feel the emotions of our feelings (Venus, Neptune and New Moon in Pisces)?  To see our secret sorrows,
our self-undoing, our sense of unworthiness, of victimization, of frustration, of fear, of grief, of anger and on and on, while
holding a forgiving, accepting, loving space, so that they, we, can be released.  
Oh, Baby!  W(here) have we merged all our life?  Have we been being had?  Not bad. New Moons, new beginnings, new
vision.  The yoking, union, of the Sun (our source, the light of love of the holy spirit) and the Moon {the holy w(hole)ness of
the womb of creation}.  The light is come.  Illumination, enlightenment, redemption, resurrection, born again into an awareness
of being unity consciousness.  Yea Ba-Be!  Be we unity?  When we stir the Venus/Neptune New Moon conjunction in Pisces
into the honey pot of creation, we may nourish our Self in the sweet orgasmic nectar of nirvana.  Are t(here) more Oh, Babies
to come?  We are free to choose what we want, desire, our state of consciousness to be.  Does salvation come from me or
the holy trinity, the unity of the tree of life?  If that doesn’t do t(here) is always the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good
and evil.  
The New Moon March 13, 2021 is a stelliumn of four planets in close conjunction in Pisces.  The Moon and Sun are at 23
Pisces 03 with Neptune at 20 Pisces 43 and Venus at 19 Pisces 49, this emphasis of the Piscean energy can open psychic
sensitivity, spiritual healing, internal happiness, bliss and universal love.   It can bring new visions of the future through mystical
states, surrender, trust, angelic assistance and spiritual purification.  This energy induces understanding, nonjudgmental thinking,
tolerance, compassion and falling into oneness.  The dark side of this heavy Pisces feels like a cloud of confusion that can bring
defeatist attitudes and procrastination.  This energy brings a time for developing more successful patterns of romantic relating.  
This could be a highly creative time for new commitments in relationships, coming out of the fog/clouds of lack of trust and
learning to relax into perfection and love unconditionally.  The need now is to find your source/higher power deep in your heart
and be willing to have the courage and self-confidence/belief in your vision, to follow your bliss.
We also have Mercury at 27 Aquarius conjunct Jupiter at 20 Aquarius.  This energy will trigger the mind to expand on ideas
and plans that seem to come out of the blue and stimulate connections with others to be expressed or manifested as variations
of how we rebuild our lives in community.  .  
Saturn is at 10 Aquarius squaring Uranus at 9 Taurus.  This is an ongoing square this year coming together again June 14th and
December 24th pushing for change in the area of life (houses) you have these planets transiting in your natal chart.  Uranus is
the awakener that creates chaos around what needs transformation and Saturn is taking responsibility for that revolution to
build new foundations and systems where the old are collapsing.  Be willing to go with the flow of change and trust that a
higher power has a plan we can have confidence in!
The Sabian Symbol below is taken from Diana E Roche’s book, Sabian Symbols: A screen of Prophecy.
PISCES 24 An inhabited island. KEYWORD: Cultivation
THEME: Adaptability. This symbol speaks to self-containment, self-sufficiency, and having everything needed to function
independently ready and available at hand. It also speaks to skill in organizing resources for their maximum or most profitable
use. The image of an inhabited island emphasizes ingenuity, and it stresses the importance of thoroughly analyzing the potential
usefulness of everything that can be found at hand in any situation of need. In practical terms, this degree is about learning how
to adapt and look at things in new and different ways, and being willing to “make do.” Positive: At its highest, this symbol
represents inventiveness, creativity, and the ability to find clever or novel ways to get a job done. Negative: Selfishness, self-
indulgence and egocentric isolation.  
This New Moon Cycle places the accent on self-sufficiency. You may find that this is a “do-it-yourself” period.  Your greatest
advantage lies in using your ingenuity to create what you need from things you already have. Get rid of presumptions. A thing is
what it does.  Guard against trying to be too independent or telling yourself that you don’t need help from anyone. Avoid
cutting yourself off from people who won’t let you have it all your own way. Learn to cooperate.
KEYWORDS: Development, civilization, culture, resourcefulness, organization, refinement, adaptation, self-sufficiency, self—
containment, ingenuity, making do, establishment, advancement, progress, growth.
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Easter the celebration of the moon’s exaltation

Round and round and round we go.  Feeling dizzy yet?  We have come from the twelfth house and sign of Pisces, the
symbolization of compassionate completion in unity consciousness and are born again in the first house and sign of
Aries, ruled by Mars.  Perhaps into the illusion of separation.  Aries is I am that I am the ideology of “I”-ness.  The me,
my, and mine of the survival of separation.  
How’s y(our) bunny hopping?  Mars maybe mooning for the contentment of compassionate Completion through the
polarity(the positionality of duality reality) of the fecundity of Venus.  Oh Baby!  Born again?  Resurrection,
redemption, salvation, atonement (at-one-ment) as the illuminating reflection of the holy spirit?  Are we fun-in with
fecundity?  “Let it be” what it is.  The way it is, is the way it is.  So be it!  If that just won’t do the dew, the insanity of
full moon madness is available.
Oh, did “I” mention, mentation, the grace of the holy trinity, an airy grand trine.  The “grace of the guru”?  Shangri-La?  
T(here) but for the grace of god goes the mentation of “I”-ness.  
Last but not least the Sun/Venus/Chiron full moon conjunction is calling us to choose to heal into wholeness. The
“benediction of the Teacher”?
Easter is timed as the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Sun goes into Aries (which is the Vernal Equinox,
when the Sun reaches 0 Aries).  Any Full Moon is the opposition of the Sun and Moon and this Full Moon the Moon is
in Libra, with the Sun in Aries. Where the Sun’s creative energies are strongest, its Exaltation, and the Moon in Libra is
the sign ruling marriage and the union of the male (Sun) and female (Moon). The name “Easter” is a modern adaptation
of the ancient name of the Moon, which the Chaldeans called Ishtar or Inanna.  It became Astarte to the Greeks and
Romans, and later Eoster to the Saxons; finally, it was designated by the term now used for Her (the Moon’s) highest
annual festival (Easter). In this festival Her (the Moon’s) greatest power (fecundity) is celebrated as the primary
assistance to the function of the Sun (Vitality & Life).
Metaphorically speaking; the Moon, which is the intuitive intelligence, the (DNA) memory that knows how to manifest
into matter, unites with the Sun which is the power, energy, life force and becomes Life in all its diverse forms.
This is the time (between the Vernal Equinox, March 20, 2021 and the New Moon in Taurus, May 11, 2021) when
the most powerful celebrations (rituals) take place in all the world’s religions.
Easter is the ritual of that symbolic union of the Sun’s exaltation in Aries and the Moon’s exaltation in Taurus, at the first
two New Moons in Spring, and the Full Moon’s marriage (Libra) of the two. Consequently, eggs form a persistent
component in the spring festival, which is dedicated to the redemption, regeneration, and transformation of the world by
the union of man (Sun) and woman (Moon). The earth was considered to have been resurrected from Winter (death)
through the union of the Sun and Moon with this Full Moon each spring. The eggs are commonly colored in various
hues to signify diversity in the expected harvest.  They are hidden about, and must be hunted for, even as seeds are
placed in the Sun-warmed dark ground in the beginning of Taurus, where they germinate, and only later thrust green
shoots through the surface into the light of day.  Because the constellation of Lepus, the Hare, rises in the east at this
time of year, bunnies also are part of the ceremony: for although they do not lay eggs, they are a symbol of prolificacy
and fertility.
What does this have to do with us now and how can we use these powerful energies in our lives every day and
especially at this time of the year?  Remember that you create your own reality with your thoughts, intentions, and
beliefs.  And in order to create what you want for this year, this month, you must focus your thoughts, intentions, and
beliefs either with another in a marriage of masculine and feminine energies congruent with the marriage of the planetary
energies at this time. (The festival of Spring Rites)
Or create your own ritual to focus, unite, and manifest your thoughts, intentions, and desires for this new astrological
year that started with the Vernal Equinox, March 20th when the Sun entered Aries. This Full Moon takes place on
March 28, 2021 at 2:48 PM, EDT.   This Full Moon chart has the Moon at 8 Libra 18 and the Sun in opposition at 8
Aries 18.  The timing for your creation ritual this month is now, if only by sitting down and writing out a set of goals for
the coming year.  New beginnings are given special energy now, and at the next two New Moons.
Think of Libra (I Balance) and Aries (I Am) as keywords for your goals. Aries is the physical body, health,
appearance, immediate surroundings, and any personal new beginnings. Libra is teamwork, negotiation skills,
sociability, peace, balance, beauty, art, partnership, and marriage. Make your own list of statements or goals. Using
only positive statements in the present tense.
Then maybe, so as to give it more focus/ritual burn the paper with some sweet grass or incense, or just tuck it away in
a drawer. And watch out, because you are on your way to becoming a co-creator of your personal reality!
This Full Moon is strongly focused on the Sun/Venus and Chiron in Aries opposing the Moon in Libra might be a
reminder for everyone to be present in our relationships and what is going on for us as we incorporate others into our
goals and plans for the next 3 months.  
The Sabian Symbol for 9 Libra is quoted from Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy by Diana E. Roche.
ARIES 9 A crystal gazer. KEYWORD: Acuteness
THEME: Divination. This symbol speaks to global perspective, and to the capacity to quickly grasp the significance of
all the facets of a situation at once and understand the meaning in coincidental events. The image of a crystal gazer
emphasizes the world of potential as intuited or perceived through clairvoyance and vision. Implicit in this symbol is the
concept of dual imagery or a mirroring effect wherein man and his universe reflect each other and thereby create a
means for predicting the future. On a practical level, this degree can symbolize a situation where all ordinary means for
solving a problem have been exhausted and divinatory techniques are turned to. Positive: At its highest, this symbol
represents psychic sensitivity, prophetic insight and the ability to organize and plan in such a manner that facilitation and
convenience precede actual need.  Negative: Snooping and prying or foolish impracticality.
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on sensitivity and the need to find information or immediate answers to
problems. Logic and reason may not work well at this time. Solutions are discovered intuitively or through psychic
means. You are especially alert today and may surprise yourself and someone else by tuning in to something that was
being kept secret.  Your greatest advantage lies in looking ahead to what is going to be needed in the not-too—distant
future.  Guard against being intrusive or violating others’ rights to privacy.  Mind your own business unless you are
specifically asked to get involved.
KEYWORDS:  Intuition, clairvoyance, vision, reflection, sensitivity, global perspective, potential.
LIBRA 9 Three old masters hanging in an art gallery.
THEME: Self-Integration. This symbol speaks to man’s capacity to understand his world and the universe through his
own personal experience. The image of three old masters hanging in an art gallery alludes to the three souls in Plato’s
scheme—mind or intellect, feeling or emotion, and habit or instinct. The three paintings hang together as a set or unified
creative expression. The suggestion here is that the fulfillment of all individual potential is achieved through effective self-
integration or the harmonious blending and cooperative functioning of mind, body and
spirit. The masters symbolize the past and our heritage. The implication  is that we are irrevocably linked to Source and
our roots, and that by standing on the shoulders of the giants who came before us we revitalize that heritage and carry it
forward with our own individual accomplishments. Positive: At its highest, this symbol represents a special gift for
healing conflict and dissension, and for bringing diverse people together in harmony by emphasizing mutual goals and
objectives. Negative:  Refusal to let go of out worn habits and traditions or selfish insistence on having one’s own way,
even at the expense of sacrificing the good of the
whole or the best interest of the group.
During this Full Moon Cycle: The accent is on learning how to get along with others and solve your own problems.  
Your greatest advantage lies in recognizing that there can be more than one winner and being willing to share the
limelight with others.  Guard against trying to be a crowd pleaser or basing your decisions on your opinion of how
things have always been done. You could be wrong, or the technique may not work in this particular situation.
KEYWORDS: Unity, affinity, compatibility, relationship, harmony, integration, heritage, the past, excellence, creative
expression, fine arts, values, appreciation of excellence.

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